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Amazing Spider-Man 70

Straight out of 1969 comes a story about Spider-Man being framed by THE KINGPIN! This is one of the earliest stories featuring The Kingpin of Crime, and it is a beauty too. Features Peter Parker trying to juggle dating Gwen Stacy while clearing his name. This is a great collectable slated only to go up in value.

Condition: VF/NM

Writer: Greg Pak
Interior Artist: John Romita Sr.
Cover Artist: John Romita Sr.
Year: 1969

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Amazing Spider-Man 700 Ramos Variant

This is the end of ol' Peter Parker. This final issue of Amazing Spider-Man is a real tear jerker. Personally everything Web-head related written after this comic I see as relatively depressing. Want to know why? Pick up this collectable piece of Marvel Comics history and you'll see.

Condition: NM

Writer: Dan Slott
Interior Artist: Humberto Ramos
Cover Artist: Humberto Ramos
Year: 2012

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Avengers 239

It's LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN?!!! That's right kiddies, your favorite late night talk show host was featured in an Avengers comic book back in 1984. You gotta read it to believe it! This is a really affordable comic that is great for a gift, and will also go up in price, the more legendary Dave becomes.

Condition: FN/VF

Writer: Roger Stern
Interior Artist: Al Milgrom
Cover Artist: Al Milgrom
Year: 1984

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Doomsday 1

This is the 3D edition of the Doomsday comic book issue released by DC Comics during their so-called 'Villains Month.' This is a great standalone story with a popping cover. You can't be without this killer story!

Condition: NM

Writer: Greg Pak
Interior Artist: Brett Booth
Cover Artist: Tony S. Daniel
Year: 2013

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Optic Nerve 13

Another great Optic Nerve from Adrian Tomine. It contains two pieces, one, a real slice of life narrative called "Go Owls!" starts the comic book off, and moves toward an expectantly dark ending. The second piece is a beautiful multi-modal translation of Japanese prose.

Condtion: VF/NM

Writer: Adrian Tomine
Interior Artist: Adrian Tomine
Cover Artist: Adrian Tomine
Year: 2013

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Slimer 1

Almost like it's never even been out of the plastic comes a true icon: Slimer. Straight from his success in the Ghost Busters franchise, this little spud got his own series. Really groovy piece for any true Ghostbusters/Real Ghostbusters fan.

Condition: NM

Writer: Hilarie Staton
Interior Artist: Dave Schwartz
Cover Artist: Mitch O'Connell
Year: 1989

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Sonic the Hedgehog 1

This is the first issue of Sonic the Hedgehog's comic book series. This one is hard to find and is just going to get harder. The kids today STILL love the ol' blue hedgehog, and lets be honest, what does Sega have left? They HAVE to keep this little guy relevent, which will be a big plus for whoever invests in this beauty.

Condition: VF/NM

Writer: Michael Gallagher
Interior Artist: Dave Manak
Cover Artist: Dave Manak
Year: 1993

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Sonic the Hedgehog 250: Team Megaman Variant

This is a great variant cover for this year's big Sonic the Hedgehog/Megaman crossover event. Both characters were very important to any video gamer born in the early 80s, and it is pretty fun seeing them together. Now we've got it in comic book form, I'm just crossing my fingers for a game!

Condition: NM

Writer: Ian Flynn
Interior Artists: Ben Bates, Gary Martin, John Workman, and Matt Herms
Cover Artists: Ryan Jampole, Gary Martin and Matt Herms
Year: 2013

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Superman Unchained 1

This new Superman title has some really amazing artwork from Jim Lee (Remember X-Men #1 and Batman Hush?). This comic was well loved, and even has an awesome (untouched) pull out poster that contains part of the story!

Condition: NM

Writer: Scott Snyder
Interior Artist: Jim Lee
Cover Artist: Jim Lee
Year: 2013

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Uncle Scrooge Adventures 30

This is a real gem. The Ducktales property is seeing some renewed interest on the net from X-Box games to iPhone games... these comics are real gems. This is a 90s reprint of an original Carl Barks story. What makes this such a great reprint is that the story is classic, and the other true "duck artist" Don Rosa designed this cover. The Golden Fleece!

Condition: VF/NM

Writer: Carl Barks
Interior Artist: Carl Barks
Cover Artist: Don Rosa
Year: 1995

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